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Luxury & Fun Hotel Brands Inspired By Nature

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Oh my days! I simply love tree house hotels so can't wait to take my little man to the new tree house hotel that's set to open in London in quarter 4 of this year.

The original founder of luxury hotel chain W hotels unveiled his latest venture in Treehouse Hotels which will open its property in London in late 2019. Treehouse London will be located across the street from the BBC headquarters and will feature 95 quest rooms including 15 suites, a penthouse restaurant.

Described by Sternlicht as being the little brother of 1 hotels Treehouse is homely, cosy and fun. The London Treehouse will be located on 14-15 Langham place Marylebone in W1 and boast a rooftop lounge and bar so I am sure it will become a firm family favourite and the family go to hotel in the West End.

For those who don't know 1 Hotels they are a luxury lifestyle hotel brand inspired by nature, 1 Hotels cultivates the best of eco-conscious design and sustainable architecture, together with extraordinary comfort and an unrivaled level of service. 1 Hotels, launched in 2015 with the opening of exclusive properties in Miami’s South Beach and Manhattan’s Central Park was followed by the launch of the Brooklyn property in February 2017. Their vision is inspired by a simple idea: those that travel the world also care about it. 1 Hotels upholds this vision by channeling nature through design and culinary partnerships, while connecting with the local community and taking sustainable steps to make a big difference.

I personally love the idea of yoga mats in each bedroom, I probably won't use them but I love the idea along with the lobby farm stands for the fresh snacks on the go.

What's to love? Innovative design, reclaimed wood, organic materials, nature inspired interiors and exteriors, wholesome food and interconnecting rooms. For the kids there is in room camping complete with sleeping bags and all.

Contact Gaynor Pickard 0n 07866 921723 for more information about luxury/eco resorts Worldwide

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