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What Makes Me Qualified To Handle Your VIP Travel Arrangements?

Hi, my name is Gaynor Pickard and I am a Private Travel Manager & Luxury Travel Agent. I've worked in the luxury travel and tourism sector for over 30 years now, so, I think it’s safe to say I’ve gained a 360-degree knowledge of the industry as I’ve tried my hand at just about everything. I’ve been a Luxury Travel Agent, a Specialist Tour Operator, Operations Director for a Sports/Group Travel Company, Head Of Operations For An Event Management Company, Director Of Sales Within Luxury Hotels, Tea Maker, Brochure Stamper and everything in between.

I've always been a wanderlust warrior, my first trip abroad on my own, without an adult was before my 18th birthday, after my first adventure alone I quickly began notching up trips to Europe as part of my work experience, I never got bored of travelling and no journey was wasted on me, even the ones which were less than glamorous. I lived alone from the age of 17 so every opportunity to travel was readily welcomed, always taken in my stride and viewed as part of life's great big adventure.  


Because I've lived a rather colourful life and have worked with clients from many different industries and backgrounds I understand their needs and challenges. Today, I currently work for a small portfolio of executives, sporting professionals, media clients, couples & families locally and nationally, I manage every aspect of their personal travel needs, right down to the smallest detail. 

My clients are time precious, savvy travellers, who actively seek magnetic destinations, characterful properties & exceptional service as well as fresh, useful advice & tips to greatly enhance their travel arrangements.  Many have been recommended to me by other clients or have found their way to me after challenges with internet-based travel companies.

I work tenaciously to ensure that every holiday & travel itinerary is expertly sourced, tightly costed and meticulously coordinated. It's my business to know what's hot and what's not and go the extra mile to find out what makes a client tick and what turns them off.

With over three decades of travel experience and a huge book of contacts, when it comes to holidays and travel I can pretty much pull off the near impossible!  Sure, I am well travelled myself but it's not about where I've stayed it's all about the experiences which I create for the people that I have the privilege of working for. 

I am always only a phone call away to deal with any travel curve balls that get thrown my client's way (let's face it, these situations occur) and everyone gets VIP'D (because you can't really VIP yourself)

You'll find my service to be extraordinary yet friendly and always discreet.

I look Forward To Working With You


Professional Background & More About Me
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