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Transformative Travel/Transformational Travel, What Is It And Are You Ready For It?

Updated: May 5, 2019

Transformative travel, what the heck is it? What do people transform into? Where do you go to transform?

In fact, what IS the difference between transformative and transformational?

Here's the lowdown. As adjectives the difference between transformative and transformational

is that transformative is something that causes transformation while transformational is of, pertaining to or leading to transformation.

An example of transformative travel is - “Amanda's trip to Italy was transformative, since she left home a like a church mouse and came back a confident woman.”

Transformative Travel is all about the personal growth that travel inspires and cultivates. It's about taking experiential travel to the next level by allowing the local culture to change you in Worldview and perspective. It's about creating opportunities for self reflection and growth.

Transformative Travel is a new buzzword but the concept of transformative travel is far from new. In my humble opinion every holiday should touch us deeply albeit briefly. On what level and how deep will depend on many factors such as our emotions and needs at the time of travel.

One does not have to trek into deepest darkest Peru with their personal transformation guru to experience the transformations that travel can bring about.

This type of experience however, can not be purchased from a travel brochure. You can't walk into your local travel agent and ask for a transformative trip. There is nobody but you and someone who knows you rather well who can help you to create a transformative trip because this type of experience should be, and will be, unique to you and your family.

I find that when people begin the planning of such a trip it usually begins with them having a lightbulb moment or they are on a specific life path or perhaps have experienced a recent big event in their lives. Although a number of people I encounter who are seeking to embark on such an trip are simply fed up with the shallow travel experiences that they have so far encountered.

The commencement of the process itself may be rather simple or a whole lot more complex depending on your feelings and situation. Simply ask yourself "what are my needs?" "What do I need right now on a personal level and from my trip?" Sometimes this need may be physical, emotional or spiritual or perhaps a mixture of the three. The itinerary itself may be very simple in it's logistics or rather more complex and, the outcomes very different for each member of your party. You may need help putting this type of trip together and you may need someone to help you tease out your true needs and desires or to connect you with locations and people who can bring about the transformation you need.

Possible Signs That It's Time For A Transformational Trip (even a short one)...

* You need to bust out of the rat race and have a deep desire for space and freedom. Often longing for a different way of life

* You feel that time is against you and you haven't ticked off anything from your bucket list

* Everything and everyone you encounter makes you cross. You are angry with everyone and everything especially yourself, yet, you don't quite know why.

* You feel that something is missing or not quite right with your life, you are constantly searching for a fix, unfortunately with little success.

* You feel like a hamster on a wheel. Constantly unable to think straight, remember even the basic of tasks. You know the struggle to EVER get around to straightening out the home admin. You never make the yoga session, gym session or girly meet up.

* You can't be bothered with a bucket list

* Your unhealthy habits are taking over your life and you feel desperately in need of a "reset"

* You fail to manage to brush your teeth morning and night for 2 consecutive days running!

My next vacation needs to be very nature biased but with an added touch of touch of luxury. The scenery needs to be epic and the food natural and deeply nourishing. I need a resort to help me restore health and regain balance. I am in need of a place to call home where the management and staff intuitively anticipate my needs and the needs of my family. As a family we desire a place of harmony and peace because our minds are fuzzy with the overuse of technology and the worry of daily commitments. We need joint and individual activities to enable us to bring our family back together.

Come January I am sure that there will be lots of offers kicking around the internet, don't be tempted to jump into the best or first deal that you come across.

Think about what you truly need from your next vacation and if you are ready for a deeper more meaningful travel experience.

I know that I am!

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