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Bring Your Body To Spa Town

Updated: May 5, 2019

The Tents At Paws Up House The Sublime Spa Services
Spa Town Tents At Paws Up Montana

Discretely nestled on the edge of an expansive meadow, in the waving shade of soaring pines – sits Spa Town® at Paws Up. Spa Town is a colony of pristine white tents stitched together by a wooden boardwalk, situated just past an authentic babbling brook and nestled among towering pines. The welcome tents feature full baths and showers, while individual treatment tents are fashioned with a lovely sink, a heated massage table, and a view of the meadows, spotted with horses.

With treatments and programs such as Sacred Healing Journey, Little Feet Yoga, Bare Your Soles, Fledgling Cotton Candy Face Massage and a children's apothecary class you know that you ain't gonna get another bland spa program here.

This is just my type of place. The homely lodges at Paws Up are inviting, cosy and almost womb like in the way that the wooden interior and furnishings totally envelope you. And Spa Town at Paws Up is equally as well thought out and totally wholesome. In the treatment rooms here, they don't need to play any weird type of whale music, all you need to do to relax is nestle down into the heated massage tables and let the sound of the birds and brook soothe you into your own sleepy grove.

And, if like me you are a real product junkie you won't need to start panicking that a trip to this spa will leave your body pumped with more crap than a chemical plant. Oh no, the the products used here are all as pure and delicious as they sound. As part of their iPreserve at Paws Up program, Spa Town® provides handpicked product lines filled with pure, powerful, clean ingredients. Spa Town uses local Montana lines, such as Hindu Hillbilly and Skinny Dip Candles, as well as an array of other products that contain healthy, organic and Fair Trade Certified ingredients.

Here are some of their favourites:

Osmia  products are free from synthetic color, synthetic fragrance, ethoxylated ingredients. petroleum products, phthalates, parabens, or sulfates.
Osmia Skin Care - Spa Products Used At Paws Up Montana

Hindu Hillbilly

Hindu Hillbilly skin care products, from the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana, are made with high-quality ingredients and handcrafted in small batches to provide all-natural products. Their body oils, soaps and scrubs are luxurious, beautifully light and penetrating with natural, soft fragrances.


Erbaviva, based in Los Angeles, is dedicated to creating the healthiest, purest organic skin care products available that benefit both the body and the planet. We love the Stretch Mark Cream, Stretch Mark Oil and firming body salts for expectant mommies or anyone else needing an extra lift.


Beautiful Scenery At The Yoga Spa Paws Up Montana
Yoga Studio Paws Up Montana

Don't panic if yoga isn't your thing. There are tons of outdoor family and ranch biased activities to participate in. You will never be bored at this award winning Montana Ranch.

And for those in seek of bigger thrills there is always the Thrillionaire Club...

Maybe you were the kid who always chose “dare,” never “truth.” Or the one who grabbed onto fenders as you skateboarded to school. Or jumped out of your second-floor window on a particularly snowy afternoon. For anyone who has an affinity for stirring things up, who occasionally gets more than a little restless, Paws Up present a challenge. It’s called the Thrillionaire Club, and it will egg you on and push you to take things just … one … step … further.

For more information about the resort of Paws Up Montana, or the Spa at Paws Up Montana please contact me on 07866 921723

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