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Bear Grylls Survival Academy In Greece

For those who seek out amazing adventures for their children but still crave more than a smidgen of luxury you may be surprised to hear that you can actually have it all, and more!

A truly tailormade holiday means finding activities to suit the whole family and that can be a tricky task indeed. I am the queen of organising children's activity and nature centered holidays and therefore know of many resorts and destinations that have wonderful activity programs for children of all ages many of which are not well promoted (crazy I know!) Yet, as our children develop and grow they're often seeking more independence and adventure that may not include us.

Enter The Bear Grylls Survival Acedemy in Greece. This is just the type of program that many families have been yearning for and it's located in a stunning part of the World, only a stones throw from the U.K. Perfect for shorter childrens holidays such as May or October half term.

About The Bear Grylls Survival Academy, Greece

Offers children and families a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn expert survival skills within the unique natural surroundings of the renowned Sani Resort located in Halkidiki. With the guidance of Bear Grylls’ hand-picked team of instructors, you’ll build shelters and fires, learn to navigate and signal for help. This expedition is an exhilarating way to spend quality, active time with your friends, siblings or family, an adventure you’re sure never to forget. Learn Astro Navigation on your night walk through the woodlands then return to camp where you’ll enjoy fresh fish for dinner and toast marshmallows on the fire.

Find out what you’re made of!


Embark on Bear’s survival journey to rescue with your family, this expedition is a chance to learn navigation skills, spear making, stalking and tracking; all leading to an exclusive family bonding experience. Build a fire, a raft to escape and try catching some wild food of your own. A guided trail through the woods and undergrowth leads you to the Bear Grylls Survival Camp area. This is the moment you build your own shelter, camp fire, and settle down for the night.


Led by Instructors through the woods and undergrowth to various camp points; teens will learn priorities of survival, shelter building and wild food. Participants will make spears and build their own raft to carry out the self-rescue.

For more information on course prices or accommodation styles at Sani Resort please do not hesitate to contact me on 07866 921723

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